During last night's Warriors vs. Pelicans game, Stephen Curry drained a tough, contested jumper right in front of New Orleans' bench and then turned around to high five Darren Erman, a coach on the Pelicans staff. 

This would be a strange move even if Steph and the Warriors were blowing out the Pelicans but this was actually a close game which really had people wondering what the hell was going on.

After the game Steph was asked by reported about that exchange in the third quarter and explained why he dapped up Erman.

"I know him very well. He was telling I think Jrue, while I was shooting, 'If he makes it, it’s a good shot, if he makes it, it’s a good shot,' trying to encourage the defense. So I wanted a little praise for that good shot, and he gave it to me. He was a good sport."

Erman used to be a Warriors coach so the two have a history but it's still bizarre to see a coach dap it up with an opposing player during a tightly contested game. That sportsmanship shit can take a hike, he should've left Steph hangin!