Steph Curry has been one of the best players in the NBA for a long time now and he has won 2 MVP awards because of it. Simply put, Curry could go down as the best shooter the sport has ever seen and his skills have led the Warriors to three championships in five seasons. This year, the Warriors will be facing their biggest challenge yet as the team will be without Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala. Not to mention, Klay Thompson will be injured for the first half of the season and Curry will have to carry the squad himself.

During an interview with ESPN’s Nick Friedell, Curry spoke about some of the challenges he will have to face this year. He also talked about his goals and how he is looking to win his third MVP this year.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Per Curry:

“I always say, I’m playing like I’m the best player on the floor no matter what the situation is. That’s my mentality. It might not mean I’m taking every shot, but that’s the aggressiveness that I need to play with and the confidence I need to have. So– that’ll carry me the rest of my career. And at the end of the day, winning an MVP would be special. And it’s something that I’ve experienced before and would love to experience again. I’d love to push the envelope and push the limits a little bit. So you won’t see anything different about how I play, you know, this season versus years past.”

If the Warriors have a good season despite the lack of personnel, there is no doubt Curry would be one of the frontrunners for the award. Curry knows how to turn on the Jets when he has to so an MVP award wouldn't be all that surprising.