Steph Curry is the heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors and when he is unable to play, the Warriors suffer greatly. If you look at last season, Curry had to miss a vast majority of the season due to a broken hand and as a result, the Warriors ended up finishing last place in the entire NBA. It was a pretty embarrassing season for a team that had made it to five-straight NBA Finals.

Now, Curry is healthy and is having himself a season that some feel puts him in contention for league MVP. The Warriors are hovering around a playoff spot, and they cannot afford to lose any players. Last night, Curry and the Warriors defeated the Denver Nuggets although Curry tweaked his ankle numerous time which led to some worrying amongst fans. After the game, Curry made sure to let people know that the injury was nothing serious.

Curry believes he will be able to play on Sunday which is certainly good news for the rest of the team. The Warriors are ninth in the Western Conference and are just half a game back of the Memphis Grizzlies. This year there will be a play-in game like last season so as long as the Warriors maintain their position, they will have a crack at the postseason.