Steph Curry has been having a very solid season with the Golden State Warriors, at least from an individual perspective. While the Warriors have struggled at times, Curry continues to prove why he is the best shooter to ever play the game. Over his last few outings, Curry has posted double-digit three-pointers made which is nothing short of miraculous. These performances have forced Curry into the NBA MVP discussion and with every passing game, Curry makes his case that much stronger.

Recently, Curry was on The Rex Chapman Show, where he was asked about the MVP talk and whether or not he believes it is justified. Confident as ever, Curry claimed that he should, indeed, be the MVP although it's not something he will keep his hopes up for.

Steph Curry

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

"I mean, I gotta be. I gotta be," Curry said. "I probably won't get it but whatever." As of right now, there are various other players who are in contention for the award such as Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic. If the Warriors were to get into the playoffs, it would be hard to vote against Curry especially when you consider the state of that roster.

There is still plenty of time left for players to make their case and with the stakes getting higher, it wouldn't be surprising to see Curry get even more explosive.