Following up the first installment of the 2018 XXL Freshman Cyphers (in which J.I.D. proved his worth as one of the game's top young lyricists), the latest drop has surfaced, bringing the talents of YBN Nahmir, Stefflon Don, and Wifisfuneral to the forefront. Though J.I.D. and Ski Mask were billed by many to be the top tier lyricists, the second chapter boasts plenty of respectable talent in its own right. In fact, all three rappers hold it down, with Stefflon Don shining particularly bright; so far, her verse may be second only to the aforementioned J.I.D. lyrical blitz. 

Nahmir sets it off, combining youthful exuberance with the brash confidence of a mic-toting online gamer. Despite bringing a solid flow to the table, lyrically, he seems content to recycle a few choice lines, falling back on "Glizzy gon' push em back." Stefflon Don, however, proves she can deliver under the spotlight. Wasting little time in establishing herself as a dominant presence, the group's lone female presence absolutely demolishes her verse, driven by a double-time flow and UK swagger. 

Wifisfuneral, who has been known to rap his ass off on occasion, opts for a more subdued offering this time around. Though the flow is a little looser, his lyrics still pack a punch, though perhaps not quite at the level some may have expected. Still, it's a good effort from all parties - watch it below.