We're a week away from the release of Stefflon Don's forthcoming mixtape, Secure. She's built a strong following in the U.K. over the years but with the Quality Control machine behind her, she's made a lot of noise in North America over the past few months. A few days a go, the rapper's cover art for Secure leaked onto the internet. Stefflon paid homage to Lil Kim on the cover of Secure by recreating the album art to The Notorious K.I.M. Unfortunately, this seemed to piss off another one of her idols and got her blocked on the 'Gram.

After sharing the Lil Kim inspired cover art to Secure, Stefflon Don revealed that she got blocked by Kim's rival, Foxy Brown on Instagram. The "Hurtin Me" rapper explained how Brown allegedly blocked her for showing love to Lil Kim.

"But wait Why one of my fav aunties got to block me cuz i show love to the other," she wrote on Instagram. "tag her n tell her chill sis, be secure shit ain’t that deep and she should focus more on her president and the GMO’S they put in our food. #SECURE #MIXTAPE #AUGUST17 #STEFFLONDON #FoxyBrown #FamilyFeud #IStillLoveMyAuntie #ShesJustTired #WaitIfImBlocked #IDontThingkTheTagWouldWork "

Stefflon Don has been open about how influential both Foxy Brown and Lil Kim have been in her life. Hopefully, Stefflon Don and Foxy Brown could sort out their issues and collaborate in the future.