Antonio Brown has made his feelings towards the Pittsburgh Steelers pretty clear. After weeks of back and forth and subliminal messages on social media, Brown posted to his Twitter a thank you message to the fans in Pittsburgh that clearly states he wants out of the city. Not good news if you're the Steelers who just missed the playoffs and might be losing Le'Veon Bell. Brown is the last person they need leaving the team but it seems as though that's exactly what's going to happen.

According to NFL Netowrk's Ian Rapoport though, Steelers owner Art Rooney II is traveling to Florida to speak to Brown and mend their broken relationship.

The very fact that Brown doesn't want to meet with the Steelers is reason enough to believe that this relationship will never be salvaged. Pundits are already discussing where Brown could eventually end up, with plenty of eyes circling around the San Francisco 49ers. This is because Brown got on Instagram Live with 49ers legend Jerry Rice. Rice then went on to say that Brown would love to be a player in San Francisco.

Where do you think Brown is going to end up and is he worth all of the social media antics?