Nobody on planet Earth loves AMC's "The Walking Dead" more than DeAngelo Williams and his wife, Risalyn.

The newlyweds love the show so much that they turned their wedding day into a scene straight out of The Walking Dead, complete with a bridal party full of "walkers" decked out in the finest, gory zombie makeup.

"He didn't have to convince me," said Williams' wife, Risalyn, her voice muffled by a slab of rubber glued to her skin. "He really had to convince the bridesmaids. But then he said they had to do it ... because they're bridesmaids."

DeAngelo gave a glimpse behind the scenes in this wedding day documentary he posted to facebook, which shows the meticulous preparation that went into pulling off the bizarre zombie-themed wedding.

As he says in the post, whether you're a Walking Dead fan or not, you'll find this "entertaining and different."