Today marks a big celebration in the United States as citizens are showing off their patriotic colours and holding BBQ's and parties almost everywhere. One woman took things to the next level by climbing the base of the statue of liberty, but after further investigation, it seems as though she wanted to draw attention to herself since she was attending with a group of protesters.

As helicopters flew over the unidentified woman, she pulled out a banner that was not visible with what it read. Afterward, police arrested up to eight people who hung “Abolish ICE” banners at other locations at the base of the statute -  referring to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Police were seen talking to the woman who was seated on the folds of the statutes gown. The NYPD built a rope ladder to bring the woman back down to base because they didn't believe she would go down on her own. The park was evacuated for the safety of citizens.