It's been a rough month for A$AP Rocky so far. The rapper was arrested and detained in Sweden after turning himself in for questioning over an altercation that happened in the streets of Sweden. The footage surfaced clearly showing Rocky and his team being harassed by two guys in the streets before things got physical. Now, the State Department is raising their concerns over the rapper's arrest and detainment, hoping that the Swedish government treats him fairly.

Christopher Jue/Getty Images

Politico recently spoke to a State Department spokesperson who revealed that the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been filled in on Rocky's situation. Additionally, other top officials in the department are keeping a close eye on Rocky's situation in hopes that he's being treated as fair as any other U.S. Citizen.

“There are certainly some facts about the arrest and detention that raise concerns,” the spokesperson said. “We expect all governments, including Sweden, to treat American citizens fairly and with respect. … We hope to see ASAP Rocky and his colleagues back on tour and reunited with friends and family soon.”

Not only does Rocky have the support of his global fanbase but he's been getting the support of American politicians including Rep. Adriano Espaillat who's district includes Rocky's home turf of Harlem. Espaillat said that he would “fight until he’s brought back home." With the backing of the  State Department, hopefully, we'll see Rocky return to America soon. Prosecutors have kept Rocky in detainment for nearly three weeks at this point. This Friday, they'll have to make a decision on whether or not they'll pursue charges against the rapper. Either that, or they'll have to ask the court to keep him detained for longer.