Though the song is over 2 years old, Post Malone's "White Iverson" is still facing criticism. The rapper's recent meet-up with the real Allen Iverson, which he posted about on Instagram last week, has inspired Starlito to speak up about his opposition to the song, as XXL points out

Re-posting the picture, Lito mockingly suggested that Iverson had punched the rapper after the photo and that Post would be wiring him $3 million dollars for the track. He tagged the tweet with #Extortion and #Reappropriation. The Nashville rapper had previously expressed his feelings on "White Iverson" in an interview with HipHopDX, calling it "a little bit exploitive,” and going on to say "I don’t think I could make a ‘Black John Stockton’ record... I don’t know. I’m a conspiracy theorist, I look at shit really weird like, ‘Damn is this not any different than some blackface type shit? That was my first impression of that record, seeing the guy with cornrows. That’s what I saw and heard, almost like some kind of bigotry-laden stuff."

Soon after Starlito's tweet, Post replied with "lol wish i had 3 million to wire." Lito then suggested that Post also owed credit to Houston's Sauce Twinz, whose "sauce" slang he feels the rapper borrowed on his single.  

Post went on to call Lito "ignorant," and questioned how he could level criticism despite the two never meeting. Lito then defended his HipHopDX comments, which he says came in an "intelligent discussion," as well as adding that he's "not ignorant" and definitely not Posts "bruh," despite Malone's phrasing.

At that point, Post decided to bring sales into the equation, posting with his plaques while pointing out that Lito is without a gold or platinum release. Don Trip, Lito's Step Brothers collaborator, then entered the discussion, doing some math on Post's claims.

"You're making my point "bruh," Lito countered. "It's not about me. It's about the $3Million you wish you had to wire to Black Iverson." While Post argued that Iverson was, in fact, a fan of the song.

"You know Black Iverson had to have thicker skin than this...& hair," said Lito, asking Post how mad he was on a "scale from 1 to Triple Platinum." Malone retorted, "what u saying don't affect me at all. enjoy the rest of your already over career."

That's the story so far, though it doesn't seem anywhere near resolution. 

Starlito released his Manifest Destiny project and Step Brothers 3 with Don Trip earlier this year. Post Malone is expected to release his Beerbongs & Bentleys album this summer.