Sonequa Martin-Green made the leap from being a supporting actress on The Walking Dead, to heading her own series. Star Trek: Discovery places Green in the role of Michael Burnham (yes, she has a typically male name), the first African America female lead on the series. As a child, Burnham listened from a hidden position as Klingons broke into her house and murdered her parents. She was then raised on Vulcan, where she became the first human to attend the Vulcan Learning Center.

Star Trek fans, or Trekkies, disapproved of Burnham's origin story for one reason. How is it possible that she never ran into Spock? Discovery takes places prior to the events of the first Star Trek show, which would mean Spock would be in attendance at the same school. At the least, Spock should have met or mentioned the first human to be taught on Vulcan. When by TrekMovie asked if fans will ever find out why Spock hasn't mentioned her, Green answered, "Oh gosh, yeah."

"There’s a long game with Star Trek: Discovery," she continued. "Because it is hyper-serialized, and because it is a novel told in chapters, there is a through-line, and there are conceptual weavings that take time to unravel – that might have been a mixed metaphor, but we’re just going to go with it – but I really encourage everyone to trust that every single question that we raise in Star Trek: Discovery that may seem like it’s not canon-compliant, every one of those questions gets answered. Every one."