As previously reported, Stan Lee passed away earlier in the week, leaving behind a legacy of worship and praise. Stan Lee is credited with redefining the post-war comic book.

He imbued stock characters with relatable defects, ushering in a prolonged period of nuanced storytelling which lasts to this day. Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Panther, and X-Men, all come to mind as some of his most iconic works, and that's only the beginning stretch of a longer study of his work.

Sensing his time was coming to an end, Stan Lee filmed himself delivering a final message to his fans. His message of gratitude was posted Today via his "active" Twitter account. "I love my fans," Lee explained to a live audience.

"I cannot tell you how much I love my fans. Sometimes at night, I am sitting here and I'm thinking 'What's it all about?' And then I get a letter from a fan or I read something or I see something or I remember something," he added. "And I realize, it's so lucky to have fans, fans who really care about you. That's the reason I care so much about the fans because they make me feel so great."

Check out the video below.