Stalley may have been quiet for a while but he came back incredibly strong. In 2017, he dropped off three projects within months of each other and he's already dropped two EP's in 2018 and it's not even June. Needless to say, he's on his grind. On Friday, Stalley released his latest EP, Tell The Truth, Shame The Devil Vol. 3. He recently joined Peter Rosenberg's Hot 97 Late Night show and revealed that he was actually once the babysitter for one of Ohio's hottest young artists.

Stalley's been in the game for a minute so he's been able to see how hip hop has evolved especially within the past few years. During his conversation with Rosenberg he spoke on his appreciation for the younger artists and revealed that he once used to babysit Trippie Redd.

"I used to babysit [Trippie Redd]." He revealed to Rosenberg, "His grandmother lived next door to one of my best friends. We all grew up in the same projects. I lived on a street, we were separated by a basketball court, basically. I lived on the otherside so I'd walk over and he would be over his grandmother house... He was just a bad kid... He was good but he was bad, you know just being a kid."

He explained that he brought up the story because he knows how Trippie was brought up in the game. He said that the older guys in the area would emphasize substance and lyrics in the music. 

"I know that he really can rap because of that. And he has some respect for his music and what he puts into it because of that." Stalley said.

 Watch the interview below with the Trippie Redd bit starting around 14:45 mark.