A tornado is planning to attack NYC upon this Friday night. The best way to fight it is by eliciting a whirlwind of intoxicating substances in your own system. If the turn-up is forced to move indoors, don't worry about a playlist -- we've got you covered with a party pack full of the freshest heat that the summer has to offer. 

This week's soundtrack begins on a mellow tip, with the Sremm bros' melodic new anthem "#DoYoga." Hopefully the ladies are wearing yoga pants tonight, and hopefully they're ready to keep the zen alive with the inhalation of some freshly harvested greenery. The next track comes courtesy of the OG producer StreetRunner, who's been remastering peak-era Weezy cuts all year. "Pray to the Lord" is one of the best. 

A surprising competitor on this week's playlist is Damian Lillard, aka Dame D.O.L.L.A., unequivocally the best rapper in the NBA. He's done well to develop a partnership with Jahlil Beats, who also provides the playlist's final backdrop, on Tink's motivational new R&B single "Count It Up." Elsewhere, you'll be introduce to EBHONI with a heavy dose of trap-n-B -- a lane not explored enough by female artists -- and also to the silly smooth street flows of Boston's Cousin Stizz. Wanna know what it feels like to move like 500 Horses? Press play and get carried into the hip-hop ether with the hottest playlist that's accessible by WiFi. 

Angus Walker: Rae Sremmurd "#DoYoga"; Tink "Count It Up"; Cousin Stizz "500 Horses" 

Daniel Schwartz: Dame D.O.L.L.A. feat. Brookfield Deuce "Ready for It"; Lil Wayne "Pray to the Lord" 

Carver Low: Chris Brown feat. WizKid, Hoody Baby & Section Boyz "Shabba"; Problem feat. 2 Chainz "My Squad (Remix) 

Trevor Smith: Snoop Dogg "Coolaid Man"

Rose Lilah: EBHONI "GM ATL"