Stacey Dash, who rose to fame in the iconic 90s film Cluelessis running for office in California's 44th District. The outspoken conservative took to Ari Melber's MSNBC show The Beat to speak about her political platform, as well as her opinions on public matters pertinent to the current social climate in America. 

Donald Trump's highly-contested revelation there was "blame on both sides" became a topic of interest during the discussion. Dash reveals that she thinks Trump is "absolutely right" in his beliefs. "There were two extreme sides, and here’s what it boils down to: our right. They had a right to assemble. Both sides had a right, but they were both extremes. And here's what I said in the beginning, we have to listen to each other. If we do not listen, there will be no solutions. It's just a bunch of banter and noise."

When probed further about the exact nature of the alt-right's particular beliefs, Dash notes how "I'm not saying that there was hate on the other side, or that I'm justifying hate on the other side. What I'm saying, what their constitutional right was. They were exercising that. There should be no hate at all. Hate is not the answer, for anything."

Melber then asked what Dash's opinion that there were some "very fine people" on the Neo-Nazi side, to which the former actress responded "I'm not here to judge. The only one who can judge is god. Do I know every person in the neo-Nazi party, if they have a good heart or not? No, I don't."