For anyone looking to make a name for themselves in the music industry, the very prospect of trying can feel overwhelming. With so many varying methodologies and outlooks from all walks of life, it can be difficult to build a relatable foundation. After all, every artist is different, and there's no surefire path to success. However, there's no better place to start than listening to those who have walked the walk. We're pleased to announce our new partnership with Sprite®, "Thirst For Yours," a 4 part video series aimed to elevate aspiring creators looking to break into the game. We've linked with hip-hop industry insiders including Cam Kirk, Celebrity Photographer & Label Owner (Migos, Gucci Mane etc.), Zoe Dupree, Wardrobe Stylist & Creative Director (Young Thug), Scott Lazer, Film Maker & Creative Director (Dreamville/J-Cole) & Head of Artists Relations at HotNewHipHop Brandon Barrett to have a conversation centered around Mastering Your Aesthetic

Aside from established industry voices, the discussion on aesthetic features Ray Moon, one of the Sprite Way artists. According to Richard Toranzo, Sprite ® director, Coca-Cola North America Social Center. "Sprite Way is an always-on social platform programmed by fans, for fans. We want to help the voices of our community to be heard, and to show that Sprite® values and elevates their points of view." Given the versatile squad in Moon's immediate vicinity, she makes sure to ask about the best practices for a creator looking to strengthen their brand's aesthetic. Lazer offers some encouraging advice, explaining that the music remains at the forefront. "You gotta be making good music," he details. "But more than that, how you're presenting yourself. How do you look in your photos and videos? Are you taking risks, experimenting with things? Are you adhering to strict color palettes?"

Cam Kirk draws an exciting analogy, one that's sure to appeal to both nostalgic and youthful artists. "Artists have to look at themselves like cartoon characters," explains Cam Kirk. "You know what this cartoon character wears. He wears it every day, it becomes iconic. That same mentality goes down to an artist's aesthetic. If a hat is a thing, wear that hat. If you want to wear pink, wear pink. Drill it in people's heads." He draws a parallel with Future's own transition into superstardom, looking to the signature hat as a catalyst. "I always challenge artists. At some point in your career, someone should be able to be you for Halloween."

HNHH's own Brandon Barrett adds his voice to the discourse, asking Moon an important question. "Are you looking for a director or photographer to take you to another level, or to complement what you're doing?" It's an intriguing topic, especially in an age in which image can occasionally feel tailor-made by behind-the-scenes forces. "I'm always open to new ideas, I'm always open to work," answers Moon. Zoe hops in to build on the foundations, explaining that he prefers to "add on" to an artist's existing foundation. He cites his own work with Young Thug, revealing that Thug already had his own thing going.

When asked about motivation, Scott Lazer reveals that gratitude is one of his major sources. "Taking stock of where you've been, where you've gone, how far you've come," he reflects. "As creatives we can easily get into this comparison game with other creatives." He claims that if you find yourself comparing yourself to one of the elites, than you may very well count yourself among them. Be sure to check out the full video for more gems, and look for more to come from HNHH & Sprite's "Thirst For Yours."