Canada is known for many things, including hockey, peacekeeping, beautiful landscapes, merciless winters, poutine, Seth Rogen, and the list goes on. Yet the true North has yet to fully solidify itself as a bonafide hip-hop mecca, despite hosting an impressive roster of talented up-and-comers. True, Toronto's own Drake has become one of the biggest artists in the world. Yet many remain unaware of how exactly how deep the talent pool runs. Luckily, we have Spotify's Northern Bars to remedy that. 

Boasting nearly one hundred songs of Canadian talent, Northern Bars highlights an exclusively Canadian lineup, with an emphasis on those still vying to make a splash on the worldwide stage. Artists like KILLY, Sean Leon, Roy Woods, Seth Dyer, Nate Husser, Lou Phelps, KHEM, Prime Boys, Jazz CartierPreme, Ramriddlz, Shad, Lofsky, and plenty more where that came from. The wisely curated playlist features a variety of styles and vibes without sacrificing cohesion, and you'll likely leave with a new artist on your radar.

Be sure to check out Northern Bars, available exclusively on Spotify. Be sure to keep an eye on Canada, especially if you're looking for the next up. For a preview of what's to come, take a journey into the minds of KILLY, Tasha The Amazon, and Sean Leon. Should you be interested in putting on for the North, keep a watchful eye out for the new Belly album, set to drop on October 12th.