Sometimes, the sight of an artist's mere presence is enough to send one into a fit of unsuppressed rage. For those unique cases in which sheer dislike trumps all rational thought, Spotify has you covered and then some. The streaming giant has officially begun testing a new feature that allows users to block an artist altogether. That means, the recipient of said block will no longer appear on your device in all major capacities, be it a library, playlist, chart or radio station. For those who actively discover music through playlists, this feature will work wonders in curating the ideal experience.

Of course, should you find yourself experiencing a change of heart, the option for manual listening remains open. After all, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and surprising guest appearances might make an otherwise dope song fly under the radar. Still, it's a good look for Spotify, and one has to wonder if we'll see some surprising, and darkly comedic new statistics surface in the coming months. Any bets on who might be the most blocked artist? Some oddsmakers have R. Kelly as a heavyweight favorite. A dubious honor indeed.