If you went through Spotify's records in 2017, you would have noticed that not many women were awarded with the worldwide accolades. The lists served as great marketing for the artists named. However, a good amount of streaming numbers come from curated playlists, and unfortunately, women weren't given an equal platform as men. To address the issue, Spotify teamed up with Smirnoff to create the "Smirnoff Equalizer".

The Equalizer is a response to the gender inequality on the streaming service. If you run a playlist through it, the tool will give you a percentage of the male and female artists on the list. Probably its most important feature is the ability to "equalize" it. The tool will balance the male/female ratio to your liking.

The Smirnoff Equalizer is a big step towards equality in music. This news comes to us shortly after 45 music festivals made a pledge to achieve a 50/50 gender ratio for their performing artists by 2022. Evidently the awareness is there. Now, the leaders in music must act on their intentions. You can check out the Smirnoff Equalizer here.


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