Spotify is the largest music streaming company in the world, with over 70 million paid subscribers worldwide. That's a huge number for this relatively new development in music consumption, as streaming continues to trump physical and digital music purchases, with the exception of vinyl. 

However, many have come to criticize Spotify for a number of reasons, from artists denouncing the platform to use of unlicensed songs, their ascent to cultural omnipotence has not been seamless. However, the company is taking vital steps to try and make its services as professional and artist-friendly as possible. 

A post on the company's web domain announces that "very excited to announce the launch of the first iteration of Spotify’s new songwriter credits feature." As of today, "Spotify users around the world can view songwriter and producer credits for tracks on the desktop platform. Simply right-click on a track and select “Show Credits” from the menu of options to view information on performers, songwriters and producers."

The statement also reveals that while the company realizes "some of the label-provided credits are incomplete or may contain inaccuracies, but this is just the first step in displaying songwriter credits on Spotify,” the statement read. “The feature will continually evolve to become more efficient, provide better functionality, and incorporate more information from industry partners over time."

Industry professionals have positively reacted to this latest update. Frank Dukes, producer and writer to singers such as Camila Cabello and Lorde admits that "it’s amazing to see Spotify give the unsung heroes of music some recognition on their platform. Definitely a step in the right direction." Songwriter Ali Tamposi also reveals that "we’re all artists in our own right, and every artist appreciates being recognized for their hard work. I’m excited and grateful to see this new feature on Spotify."