Spotify is continually expanding, as the world's most popular music streaming service is now beginning to infiltrate the automobile market. It has been announced that the company will be joining forces with Cadillac to offer an exclusive app that will allow 2017 models to play music without the need for Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, or Android Auto. 

This new Spotify app will be able to be installed from Cadillac's infotainment system, and will access their vast music catalogue through the car's LTE mobile data connection. The app will also cache several songs ahead of a user's current playlist in advance of travelling through any areas that may contain shoddy cellular service. 

The app's layout and aesthetic closely resembles its widely-used mobile and desktop offerings. Four main virtual buttons effectively give access to the Home, Recently Played, Library and Browse options. Spotify's personalized playlists, from discover weekly to a user's daily mixes, will also be included. The app will be able to recognize when a person is driving, and curate a selection of music to serve a commute, as opposed to playlists designed to soundtrack work environments or studying.

However, this app does not include any voice controls for a more hands free experience.

Current Cadillac models equipped with Spotify will include the XTS, CTS, ATS, CTS-V, and the ATS-V.