The Anthony Davis trade request has driven the basketball world into hysteria this week, as the New Orleans Pelicans' superstar is reportedly itching for a deal to the Los Angeles Lakers.

As the NBA's February 7 trade deadline rapidly approaches, there are sure to be plenty more rumors in the coming days. Additionally, the social media activity from all parties involved will be closely monitored by #NBATwitter.

As always, it's important you don't get duped by a fake account while looking for the latest hint of where Davis might end up. SportsCenter learned that on Tuesday night when they aired a screenshot of a comment posted by a fake LeBron account on A.D's IG.

The "LeBron" comment, which was actually created by @sreekyshooter, reads, "SHEESH that sweater is (fire emojis). Ur killin it bro anyway cya laker oops that was a typo I meant cya LAter #striveforgreatness."

ESPN went ahead and shared the post during Tuesday night's show before realizing they'd been had. Host Neil Everett acknowledged as much at the end of Tuesday night's show (H/T USA Today), as he explained that the post was actually sent from "Some kid with way too much time on his hands. You got me dude!"