While we await swimsuit season, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit is already prepared as they unveiled their cover star Danielle Herrington earlier today. The cover is special as the platform has only ever been awarded to two black women formerly: Tyra Banks in 1997 and Beyoncé in 2007. Marking 11 years since Queen Bey's cover, Herrington's presence is entirely welcome. The model glows in her appearance, sporting a pink bikini and smiling to the camera over her shoulder. 

Last year's edition saw SI Swimsuit veteran Kate Upton grace the magazine for the fourth time. While the Swimsuit edition is not nearly as popular as it once was, it remains to be an iconic feat that models strive for. The honour is even greater for Danielle Herrington as this is her first cover ever, which she gleams about in an Instagram post, "I dedicate this to all the young girls out there. Work hard, surround yourself with good people who believe in you and your DREAMS WILL COME TRUE!"

Herrington ends her post offering encouragement to young women and positive vibes, stating, "DREAM BIG. WORK HARD. BE RESPECTFUL. LOVE EACH OTHER. OWN IT!" As the third black woman in history to grace the swimsuit cover of Sports Illustrated, Herrington is living the dream and it can only go up from here. With the upcoming release of Black Panther, 2018 is all about black excellence and this is an amazing start.