Chris Brown is not exactly the best artist to align your brand with these days. Companies are more sensitive than ever when it comes to sponsorship, as we've seen both Rick Ross and Lil Wayne lose multi-million dollar deals over controversial lyrics. Breezy's penchant for controversy goes well beyond lyrics, and was the subject of a public outcry in Halifax when he was announced to headline an event called "Energy Rush" in August.

Twitter and Facebook users were very vocal about their disapproval in the choice of a headliner who had been charged with domestic abuse, and called for a boycott. In response to the negative criticism of the show, Rogers Communications has decided to pull it's sponsorship from the event.

A representative from the company released a statement on the decision:

"In light of today's announcement, we're withdrawing our sponsorship of the event." he said. "Rogers agreed to sponsor Energy Rush prior to Chris Brown's choice as a performer." 

Brown has yet to comment, and until further notice the show will go on August 31 at Alderney Landing in Halifax.


[Update: Two More Sponsors Pull Out]

On top of the Rogers, two more sponsors have now pulled out of the Halifax show in which Chris Brown is set to headline. Both Molson Canadian and Halifax-based spa Touch of Radiance announced today that they will be retracting their sponsorship of the event.

Public petitions and protests have also sparked since the announcement that Chris Brown would headline Energy Rush, and Halifax's mayor has even publicly stated that the thought of Brown performing in the city made him “sort of sick.”

Promoters of the concert remain confident that the show will go on, and will be a success.

“It's not my position to defend or endorse any of Chris Brown's past behavior. In this case, what we are promoting is the fact that Chris Brown is a multi-platinum award winning artist of international calibre,” said Drop Entertainment’s Stephen Tobin.