Spike Lee's upcoming film is already critically acclaimed and highly-anticipated by fans. Still, the filmmaker wants to ensure that the film's message cuts through the hype: he doesn't rock with President Donald Trump.

A reporter gave context to his radical claims on CNN.

"I told Spike Lee when I sat down with him, that as soon as you leave the theater, because of this very powerful ending as well, you feel as though through his lens, the United States has made little to zero progress when it comes to race relations in this country. And his answer to me is that there is one clear problem why."

Spike Lee was blunt when sharing his political thoughts.

"We never really honestly dealt with slavery. Once we start [to have] and honest discussion on slavery, then we can move forward. We've never really had an honest discussion about the foundation of this country. I know people might not like this but this is the truth [...] The foundation of this country was built upon [the] genocide of native people and slavery. That's a fact. The founding founders owned slaves."

Spike Lee is clear on his stance when it comes to President Donald Trump. He doesn't even say his name, referring to him as "agent orange" instead. The reporter who interviewed him believes that moviegoers will receive his message loud and clear: "He hopes that this movie impacts the midterms this fall and he is determined to make sure that Donald Trump doesn't serve a second term."