The recent insurgence of rising black talent in the background of film industry has meant a new spotlight on names like Ryan Coogler, Barry Jenkins, and Steve McQueen to name a few and Spike Lee is hoping that this persists.

It was in a recent interview with The Wrap that the legendary filmmaker and BlackKklansman director touched on the subject, revealing that he hopes that the wave of new talent doesn’t just pass as a footnote in history.

“It has nothing to do with me. I just hope that this is not a trend," Lee said. "I hope this is steady, that it’s not just like a blip where everything came together and then nothing happens after this. We have to keep up the momentum."

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

In that same sit-down, Lee was accompanied by BlackKlansman star John David Washington, who added that he would like to see more talent behind the camera as opposed to solely being on-screen: “I would like to see more people of color doing their thing to contribute to the arts in other ways than just acting, directing or writing.”

On that sentiment, Spike agreed, noting, “What my man says is very important, because everybody can’t be in front of the camera. And the truth is, the people with the most power are behind the camera. Everybody can’t be fabulous, you know? Can’t be getting their shine, you know?"

This year, Spike Lee took home to Grand Prix award at the Cannes Film Festival for BlackKlansman, marking something of a comeback for the seasoned vet and also opening up a treasured window in which Black filmmakers across multiple generations have prominently shared the grand stage.