Spice caused quite the scene with the lead single of her mixtape. The dancehall queen captivated social media with her seemingly bleached skin, which turned out to be part of the concept for the track entitled " Black Hypocrisy." In a recent interview with Billboard, the artist has opened up about the intentions behind the stunt as well as her experiences with challenges posed by her record label. 

"Black Hypocrisy" was born out of a sense of duty.

"I’m one of the most followed artists [on Instagram] from Jamaica -- I don’t think a lot of people realize that. I needed to create the song because it was something that I saw growing in our community. I wanted that to be the lead single because I didn’t want anyone to overlook the message and just listen to “Genie” or the other sexual songs [on the mixtape]. I really wanted to create awareness about colorism. Even if I can’t stop it, at least I can try to demolish it just a little bit so that my daughter won’t experience it."

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images 

Spice has been able to garner massive attention, despite the difficulties she is managing with her label.

'I produced 80 percent of the tracks on the mixtape. And that’s because when I reached out to producers, they felt a bit iffy. A lot of people don’t want to record a song with me because my record company keeps threatening to take the songs off. So for them to even invest in a song with me, it’s a waste. If they put out the song, my record label takes it down. It’s been a battle for me. But I decided to get up and just [produce] myself. Not knowing how to get the mixtape out there and how to reach out to distributors has been a challenge, but I overcame it."

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