Spencer Dinwiddie has consistently been one of the freest thinkers in the entire NBA. Instead of signing to a sneaker brand, he created his very own shoe. He also has a lot of interest in bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency. Dinwiddie's interest in technology has led him down some pretty interesting roads and now, he is using it to crowdsource his next free agency decision.

Essentially, Dinwiddie has started a GoFundMe campaign where he is looking to raise 2625.8 in bitcoin which also comes out to over $24 million. If he gets to his goal, he will let his fans choose his next team. Basically, you will be able to decide where he goes next. Thanks to the money he will have raised, he plans on only taking a minimum one-year contract.

While this is an interesting idea, it will certainly upset prospective teams who genuinely want to sign him. Not to mention, the bitcoin idea circumvents the salary cap, which could be deeply illegal in the confines of the NBA. With that being said, fans seem to be quite excited about this prospect.

As of right now, 74 people have contributed to the GoFundMe for a total of $816 USD. He still has a long way to go before reaching his goal so as it stands, his plans will probably fall short.