Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic entered our lives, sports fans have been hungry for what they have been missing out on. Not having sports in your life can be tough and it's certainly been a very difficult few months for fans all around the world. One of the sports that people have been dying to have come back is basketball and the NBA. We were in the midst of a pretty fun season and people want to see how it will all end. 

The NBA has been working on various return scenarios and there has been speculation as to when things will go back to normal. Today, Spencer Dinwiddie of the Brooklyn Nets appeared to leak some interesting information, as he claimed that the NBA would be returning on July 15th and that there would be five regular-season games played. He noted that these games will be played at a bubble site and that practices will be allowed to start on June 21st.


Dinwiddie made sure to note that this is simply what he has heard although as an NBA player, you have to figure his information is coming from a pretty reliable source.

If this is, in fact, true, then NBA fans have something to look forward to.