Even though Tory Lanez spilled all the receipts, confirming that he cleared his Pretty Ricky sample and ending his feud with Spectacular, his new rival still feels a type of way over what went down.

In a new video uploaded to social media, Spectacular explains his side of the story, noting that he still feels majorly wronged by Tory Lanez and claiming to have lost over $350,000 working with the rapper.


"When I talk about stealing my record, I'm talking 'bout sampling my record," asserts Spectacular. "You put out 'Grind On Me,' not even hollering at me after we was already having conversations, and then you put out 'Yessir,' 'Your Body,' and you literally called me on the phone. You talked to me, bro! And asked me, can I get on the record for you. You told me to come to the studio in Miami. Hit Factory. I couldn't make it because I was on tour. You knew I was on tour, bro. You came to my meet and greet. And the first thing you said to me was, 'Man, you still mad at me huh? I'll just pay you back that money.' Cause you know what you did bro!"

Spectacular goes on to say that he lost $350,000 of his own money dealing with Tory Lanez. He says that the Toronto native has never made things right with him even though he agreed to clear "Yessir" for him.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. Stop trying to fool the people," says Spectacular at the end.

Do you think Tory is in the wrong or is Spectacular overreacting?