Spectacular Smith of Pretty Ricky, has been permanently banned from all Disney World Resort properties in Florida. This comes as no surprise however, seeing as the rapper was arrested for assaulting one of its employees.

According to TMZ, Smith was standing in line for a ride last Monday, when he allegedly fake sneezed and said, "coronavirus" — presumably as a joke. Unfortunately, considering the massive tragedy COVID-19 has been in the US, one of the Disney World employees standing nearby did not find his joke amusing. He approached the rapper to confront him about his arguably offensive joke, sparking a heated argument between the two.

The staff member reportedly asked Smith to step out of the line — reaching his arm out to block him out of the area — when Smith decided it would be a good time to throw hands. He allegedly punched the employee in the jaw/temple area. When the police arrived, Smith's son claimed that his father "accidentally" hit the employee when he lost his balance. But naturally, that excuse did not hold up, and he was arrested on site. Without waiting to see the legal outcome of this dispute, Disney banned Smith from ever returning to any of their properties. 

Orange County Sheriff’s Office