Jussie Smollett is still dealing with a major lawsuit brought on by the city of Chicago. The Windy City sued the actor for allegedly staging a homophobic attack on himself and the city wants the money back that went into his investigation. A few weeks ago it was announced that a special prosecutor would be hired on to review Jussie's case with a fine-tooth comb and if any inconsistencies were found they would be used against the former Empire actor in court. 

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

The Chicago Tribune now reports that the special prosecutor was officially assigned today (Friday, August 23rd) and it's former U.S. Attorney Dan Webb, sworn in by Judge Michael Toomin. Dan Webb will bring on a team of attorneys to assist in his probe as they investigate “the actions of any person or office involved in all aspects of the case." According to the publication, Dan wants to also bring on a special grand jury and plans to speak with Jussie's lawyer as soon as possible. “We are going to do the entire matter, start to finish, pro bono," Dan added.

The probe has been assigned since Jussie was dropped from all of his sixteen criminal charges when he was accused of staging the attack.