A Spanish man by the name of Alberto Sánchez Gómez received sentencing Wednesday for killing his mother and subsequently eating her corpse in 2019. According to BBC, Gómez was first arrested in February of 2019 after police discovered his mother's body parts spread throughout her apartment in Madrid.

Gómez will be serving 15 years in prison for his mother's murder, and five additional months on top for the desecration of her corpse. He allegedly cut his mother, Maria Soledad Gómez, into a thousand pieces and ate the body parts while feeding some to his pet dog. Along with his sentenced prison time, Gómez was ordered to pay €60,000 – about $72,000 in USD – to his brother for the crime inflicted on their family. 

Police investigated the mother's home in February 2019 in eastern Madrid after concerns about her welfare were raised by a friend of the family. Maria was in her 60s at the time of her death, and BBC reported that Alberto strangled her during a dispute according to a statement made during the trial. Over the following two weeks after the dispute, Alberto consumed some of his mother's body parts – some of which were found in plastic containers – and attempting to hide other parts before eventually being discovered and arrested by Spanish police.

Media outlets in Spain alleged that Alberto was known to the police because of prior violence against his mother, and a restraining order was breached at the time of his arrest. The court ultimately rejected his arguments that he had experienced a psychotic episode at the time of his mother's killing, and sentenced him to a 15-year term.

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