They were once friends, but the relationship between A$AP Rocky and SpaceGhostPurrp has reached a rock bottom level. The A$AP Mob and Raider Klan were at odds after members were beefin', but things took a turn when Rocky stood accused of stealing SpaceGhostPurrp's lyrics. This has been a longstanding beef that has escalated for years but it looks as if SGP has had enough, and he hopped online to send a message to Rocky.

There's no telling when this video was actually created, but a clip surfaced showing SGP speaking directly to the camera as he delivered a threat to the New York rapper. "Mr. f*ckin' Rakim Mayers, however the f*ck you say your name," he began. "I'm gettin' a lot of information about you. I really don't think you understand how serious this sh*t is. See, for these past few f*ckin' years man, I been trying to let you live and do you. Last year, around this same time, you made a phone call and called my brother and said you wanted to squash this sh*t with me. But um, Imma say it like this...whoever the f*ck watchin' this, I want y'all to record it. I don't care who you know [or] who you think you know or who the f*ck you think you cool with."

He continued, "Imma tell you something: If I ever see you, Imma kill you myself. Imma kill you. You bet not ever let me catch you nowhere, bruh. 'Cause Imma kill you. Imma take your life. Imma kill you and everybody you know. I promise you. Imma f*ckin' kill you. And if any n*gga in my city see you, they gon' f*ckin' kill you, too. And that's facts."

He then chastised Rocky for taking advantage of his city, Miami, by turning their lives into a profit. SGP told Rocky to stay away from him, to not speak about him, and reiterated once again that he would take Rocky's life. He also made sure to give a few "eff yous" to Rocky, Yams, and to Rocky's deceased father and brother. Watch the video clip for yourself below.