The beef between A$AP Rocky and SpaceGhostPurrp resulted in fight last night at Rocky's show at the Filmore in Miami.

The beef originally started when one friend (SpaceGhostPurrp) turned on the (A$AP Rocky) claiming that Rocky stole his style and sound, and even some of his lyrics.

Word is that SGP and his Raider Klan were heckling A$AP Mob and hanging out around the A$AP Mob tour bus, outside the venue. An altercation soon arose between the two crews, and police arrived on the scene. SpaceGhostPurrp was thought to have been arrested during the beefing, but someone from SGP's camp tells DDotOmen that Purrp wasn't actually arrested. However, the details remain muddled then as to what actually happened.

ScHoolboy Q, who is taking part in Rocky's LongLiveA$AP Tour, tweeted about the incident, "LastnigHt was so corny.......... Wat type of niggaH sHoot in da air???? Better yet wHo makes a scene in front of POLICE???? Kno damn well tHey gon break it up!!! CatcH a real fade smHAll u Have to do is go to da side wHere nobody can see, tHen lock up and Ladd about it wit da Homies.. NiggaHz scary" he added, "Wateva let's da police deal wit it now smH..... I'm Headed to ORLANDO I gotta EAT!!!!! #TDE"

A$AP Rocky has yet to comment on the incident.

Check out two photos of SpaceGhostPurrp being detained or arrested (?) below.

[UPDATE: Some amateur video footage from the incident has surfaced]