Space Jam will be returning to theaters for a quick limited run in honor of the film's 20th anniversary. That's right, it's been TWENTY years since Michael Jordan saved the Tune Squad from the Monstars.

The classic 1996 film which starred MJ and Bill Murray will be showing in 450 theaters across the country on November 13th and November 16th.

According to Fathom Events, Space Jam will be showing at 2pm and 6pm on the 13th and at 7pm on the 16th, you can find out which theaters in your area will be turning back the clocks to '96 right here.

"Space Jam has been a family favorite for the last 20 years and is sure to remain so for the next 20 and beyond," Fathom Events VP Tom Lucas said in a statement. "This event is the perfect chance for audiences of all ages to view the film as it was meant to be seen--on the big screen."

Additionally, as many of you already know, Jordan Brand will also be celebrating Space Jam's 20th anniversary this year by releasing a new "Space Jam" Air Jordan 11 in December. Click here for more information about the Space Jam retro.