The 22nd anniversary of the release of Space Jam just passed in November -- two months after Lebron James announced that he'd be starring in the sequel. There have been talks about a sequel for about two decades at this point but in 2014, Warner Bros. officially announced it was in development. Black Panther's Ryan Coogler was announced as the film's producer while Terence Nance was revealed to be the new director of Space Jam 2. With production set to begin this summer, Nance has high expectations on the impact the film will have on pop culture.

Rob Kim/Getty Images

Speaking to Vice, Terence Nance, who's widely known for his unconventional manner of blending various mediums of visual art, stated his excitement with being the director of the project. Nance has worked more towards content geared towards a more mature audience with topics such as white supremacy, police brutality, and toxic masculinity being the focal point of his creative ventures. However, with Space Jam 2, Nance plans on shaking things up.

"Pretty sure [it's] going to disrupt everything,” Nance said. “I’m excited about what [...] that movie can be.”

Nance stated that he's been longing to direct Space Jam 2 even before Coogler reached out to him. Even though he acknowledged that LeBron is a far superior ballplayer than he is a thespian, it'll still be an exciting moment.

“Space Jam is a very unique opportunity because LeBron James is the best basketball player on Earth and a once in a generation performer,” he said. â€œGrowing up being an animator, someone who loves to draw, I’m just super enthused to work in the cannon, learning in a more deep way about it, bringing what I bring from a media innovation standpoint."