Yung Miami and Southside were seemingly doing well but, somewhat surprisingly to their fans, they announced their break up and went their separate ways.

The City Girls rapper doesn't appear to be too strung up on her baby daddy, partying with JT in the week following their split. Southside, on the other hand, looks to be struggling with his loneliness.

The mega-producer has one daughter with Yung Miami and, from the looks of his latest post on Instagram, he definitely wants to win her back, using their daughter to do so.

Posting a cute picture of Baby Summer, Southside wrote a message from her perspective: "Miss u mommy and ur brothers and sis used to seeing and kissing u every day."

He's not outwardly telling Yung Miami that he wants her back but many fans are reading into this and telling him that, if he really misses the rapper, he should pull up on her and repair their relationship.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

It's not clear what happened to damage their trust but, if their relationship is salvageable, it would be nice to see them get back together for the sake of their baby girl.

Do you think we've seen the end of Southside and Yung Miami or do you think they'll reconcile?