Leading Atlanta producer Southside, aka Young Sizzle, has gotten himself involved in the intensifying conflict between Lil Yachty and Soulja Boy. In fact, Southside and Soulja Boy are now pitted against one another. In fact, even though Boat performed a Soulja Boy diss track at a Texas festival earlier today, Southside is now far more enraged than Yachty has been since the beef began last night. He's posted a couple of vicious video messages directed at Soulja, showing off his ammunition in the process. 

Southside initially came to Yachty's defense by telling Soulja Boy to back off, writing, "boi u Betta let dat shit rock we really rockin wit dis Atlanta shit Yachty." Soulja then posted a photo of himself FaceTiming with rapper Go Yayo and let Southside know that they were prepared to "smoke." Southside responded with a series of tweets, in which he called Soulja an "Internet thug" who "ain't about none of dat."  

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy is claiming that his Twitter was recently hacked, apparently after some derogatory remarks directed at India Love -- the woman who was the impetus for the beef in the first place -- were posted from his account. Indecent photos of Love may have also been posted.