While Russ has recently made headlines after siccing the goon squad on his detractors, there are some who remain firmly in the "fu*k Russ" camp. One such individual is producer Southside, who previously sounded off after Russ seemingly dismissed the producers of today. Though Russ maintained his comments were taken out of context, it became clear that the 808 Mafia producer had no love lost for the Zoo rapper. Now, it would appear he's once again taken issue with Russ, and took to the Gram to voice his grievances. 

"Listen bro," says Southside, "just cause you had some n****s do some pushin' shit, and jump on a young n***a, stop playin, before somebody fuck around and really get killed, or somebody really die, bro." He continues, while an insane beat plays in the background. "You running your mouth a little too much,  like you really bout that bullshit. You ain't bout none of that bullshit." He proceeds to advise Russ to stay in his lane making music for "the little white kids," and reiterates the fact that loose lips indeed sink ships.

Peep the video below, and while the ominous message is certainly attention-grabbing, let's not forget about the absolute fire emitting from the speakers.