Southside announced the end to his relationship with Yung Miami in the most unceremonious of ways: by jumping on Instagram and declaring that "rap girls are lame as fuck," his message imbued with misplaced emotion. The 808 Mafia producer and the City Girls' member vacationed together a few weeks ago, but have since parted ways. Southside even boastfully claimed that Miami had paid for the trip, entirely out of her own pocket. Within the same sentence, Southside also announced the pregnancy of his next child, with a woman other than Resha aka Yung Miami.

"Baby shower on the way," Southside lamented on IG live. "Fuck that vacation. She paid for that weak ass vacation. That weak ass spot. That shit made me sick anyways. That weak ass shit. My vacations would cost a 100 bands. That's how we get down. Stop playing with me. I'm gonna show y'all my vacation." Watch him rant and rave in the clip below.

And of course, the declaration from Yung Miami that precipitated his hateful words. So as of now, Yung Miami and Southside are both on the record as single, and a baby is on the way, somewhere off on the sidelines. Keep it kosher, folks.