A bank executive from South Carolina celebrated Hallow's eve with some friends over the weekend and his costume was a hit amongst the party's guests. Bryan Lenertz and his partner stole the show with their impersonations of Kanye West & Kim Kardashian.

From the comments posted under a facebook photo of the pair, Lenertz friends were truly impressed. They typed their praises with exclamations. One of them commented, "bootylicious!" LOL

The enthusiasm is questionable considering the laziness and ignorance the costume was pieced together. Every single time Kanye has been spotted with his MAGA hat, there were no sunglasses on his face. The inclusion of shades paired by with the camo jacket is misguided. Oh, and the blackface thing was too.

Apparently, the couple wasn't aware of how the history of blackface in North America makes their choices messy at best. Perhaps they didn't notice what happened to Megan Kelly when she attempted to defend the practice on her show. 

This also comes a few years after another couple was blasted for tapping into the same concept for their Halloween costumes. In 2015, a teacher and his wife were criticized when photos of their attire surfaced online. The teacher apologized soon after by stating how their intentions "were not malicious or directed toward any certain group of people."