In more news related to the Mobb Deep Twitter beef, XXL reports that a source close to the duo has confirmed that Mobb Deep will never put out another album together.

It all started with Havoc ripping apart Prodigy on Twitter, calling him gay, saying he wanted to marry Rihanna and more. The next day an audio clip was released of Havoc saying the exact same things he wrote via Twitter. Following this, Hav went on the Breakfast Club and denied everything, claiming his phone had been stolen at a gas station.

Now, however, an unnamed source who worked closely with the Queens rapper says there is beef between the duo, and they will never put out an album together again. Read what was said below, via XXL.

"While he was up there [prison], 50 Cent came to visit him a couple times," the source said. "And 50 had came to him and said, ‘Listen, man, when you come home, I wanna sign you as a solo artist. I’m gonna give you a $500,000 advance check, but I’m not fuckin’ with Havoc because Havoc has been dealin’ with alcohol issues for years. Since you’ve been in jail, he’s checked in a few times to rehab." Mobb Deep had previously been signed to G-Unit from 2005 through 2009. Prodigy was willing to give Havoc another chance and refuse the G-Unit offer, if he visited him in prison. This was when P had three months left on his sentence.

"A week before [Prodigy] comes home, Havoc finally shows up," the source continued. “[He says], ‘Yo, listen, I’m sorry, man. I’ve been battlin’ alcohol again. I just came out of rehab. I really wanna work again. Let’s get money.’

"The only time Prodigy would see him is before a show—at the airport or however they’re gonna get there," the source said.

This source also explained that Havoc's drinking problem was getting out of control, citing one incident in particular, where Havoc dropped $20,000 at a Casino and didn't remember the next day because of drinking.

"The next day, when he went into the account, the money was gone," the source recalled. "He forgot because he has these little blackout moments when he’s drunk—that he spent all the money gamblin’. He accused Prodigy’s manager [of] stealin’ the money out of his account. So he knocks on Prodigy’s door, he smacks Prodigy across the face, Prodigy wrestles him down, beats him up a little bit. After, he remembers that he was gamblin’, so he comes back to Prodigy and apologizes and all that. But at this point, Prodigy is already tellin’ me and my other friend, ‘Yo, this is the last Mobb Deep tour. When I get back to New York, I’m gonna disappear. I’m not fuckin’ with H no more.’"

After Mobb Deep hit SXSW in Austin, Texas this year, tenions began to mount. "When he got back to New York, Prodigy kept his word," the source said. "He stopped takin’ Havoc’s calls. He wanted to be out that whole situation.” The source also denied accusations that Havoc questioned Prodigy’s sexuality, and said it’s highly unlikely that the two work together again. "To be honest with you, there’s 120% certainty that there will never be another Mobb Deep album again," the source concluded. "How do you come back from that?"