SoundCloud has been a major platform for rap artists over the last few years, to the point that people are arguing about who started the "SoundCloud rap" movement. While most users and artists have nothing but great things to say about the largely free streaming platform, there has been a large demand for the ability to comment on the mobile app. Today, SoundCloud has granted its users that liberty, announcing the relaunch of comments on the app in a video with DRAM, Queen Naija, and more.

"You know that moment: you’re listening to a new track and BAM it hits you. Sometimes it’s the beat, that simple melody, that clever rhyme. All you know is when it happens you need to express how you feel about it, no matter where you are in your day," reads the press release from SoundCloud. "Today, we’re excited to relaunch comments on mobile with a brand new experience on iOS and Android so you can comment on tracks anytime, anywhere, right from your phone."

Here's hoping that this update also grants users the ability to read song descriptions, another feature that was curiously missing from the app but present on the proper site.

Last July, reports suggested that SoundCloud was teetering on bankruptcy, leading to artists like Chance The Rapper reaching out directly to founder Alex Ljung. In the end, Chance confirmed that SoundCloud was "here to stay."

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