At the beginning of the month, Soulja Boy announced that he had signed a lucrative deal to the tune of $400 million. Though there was no reason to doubt Soulja's honesty, the number seemed too big to be true. Last week, he revealed that he had signed a deal with FilmOn TV, the same company that signed (and since suspended) Chief Keef. It was thought that some of the $400 million might've come from the pockets of Alki David, the Greek Billionaire who's the CEO of FilmOn. It has now been confirmed, however, that Soulja's deal with FilmOn is not the one worth $400 million that he initially revealed. Amazingly, that deal is still in the cards -- literally. Today, Soulja disclosed the company who signed him for $400 million: the World Poker Fund. 

The deal was confirmed through an official statement written on Soulja's behalf that was posted to the World Poker Fund's website. In the statement, Soulja is referred to as "one of the most influential urban entertainers and artists on social media today." Soulja also offered a quote on why he decided to diversify his portfolio and link with the World Poker Fund: 

"I invest in things I understand. I enjoy music, and of course gaming. Being an influencer is a form of currency. Having portfolio diversification is critical if you want to be an effective brand ambassador. With regards to World Poker Fund, I believe in its strategy, its team, the vision, and management’s ability to target its financial goals."

Soulja's main responsibilities will be to "promote World Poker Fund's online gaming assets such as and to its soon-to-launch “in-flight gaming" platform which aims to service the 3 billion plus global travelers across multiple airlines worldwide." 

Matthew Bird, a spokesperson for the World Poker Fund, confirmed the deal and complimented Soulja on his reach as an "individual influencer." "Soulja Boy represents the best of the best and we are already seeing the impact from his presence,” said Bird. Read the entire press release here

Congrats to Soulja Boy on his deal of mammoth proportions. Look out Birdman, Soulja's coming for that No. 4 spot on the Forbes list.