Rapper Soulja Boy boasts that he's had the greatest comeback in the game, but the 28-year-old has been dealing with some legal problems that have placed him behind bars. Last week, news broke that he was arrested and is being held without bail. According to reports, Soulja has been on probation since 2014 over a weapons case.  An incident occurred earlier this year when a raid was executed on his home after police were investigating a report that his girlfriend made, accusing the rapper of holding her tied up and captive in his garage.

While there, police reportedly found firearm ammunition inside of Soulja's home, something that violated his five-year probation. A judge also claims that Soulja hasn't completed his allotted community service hours, either. He was taken into custody in March after visiting his probation officer but later released. Yet, this go 'round is much more difficult for the rapper, and he's scheduled to remain in jail until April 30, the date of his next hearing.

While Draco has been locked up, TMZ reports that security around his Agoura Hills, California home must be lacking because it's been burglarized. The thieves allegedly got away with loads of jewelry, cash, personal items, and an iPhone that they used to brag about the robbery on social media. Sources detail exactly what was taken, claiming that $500,000 of jewelry was grabbed, including earrings, luxury watches, and chains. The safe was reportedly cleaned out with $100,000 in cash lifted. The Instagram Live video of the alleged suspects is making the rounds, so police will catch up with them sooner than later.