Last week, police raided Soulja Boy's home on a Crime Stoppers tip, found an unauthorized firearm that violated his probation, and arrested him on felony gun charges. He posted $35,000 bail and was released from a Van Nuys, California jail less than 24 hours later. According to XXL, all related charges against Soulja Boy have been dropped.

“I am looking forward to focusing back on the music and new business for 2017,” he said in a statement.

No word if Soulja Boy will assume a less hostile stance towards those with whom he is beefing. Shortly after being released from jail, he wrote on social media, “Fuck quavo, Lil yachty, and Nia Riley. I ain’t going no where. Quavo called the police on me. Finna go fuck my Bitch. Damn I hate jail I don’t ever wanna go back.”