The allegations against Soulja Boy are beginning to stack up. He's facing lawsuits with alleged victims accusing him of domestic violence, holding them against their will, and assault, and most recently, he's been tacked with another set of legal woes. In recent months, Soulja has been basking in his comeback thanks to TikTok helping "She Make It Clap" a hit, but we previously reported on the rapper being sued by an ex-girlfriend, listed as Jane Doe, who has accused him of domestic battery and causing her to have a miscarriage.

"(Jane Doe) and (DeAndre Way) first began their on-and-off romantic relationship in 2007," the lawsuit states. "They restarted their relationship in a more serious capacity in 2014 until mid 2019 when (Doe) could no longer withstand (Way's) constant abuse." The unnamed accuser is reportedly seeking a trial and cites sexual battery, gender violence, negligence, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. 

Soulja Boy, Nia Riley, Miscarriage, LAwsuit
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Recently, Nia Riley, daughter of music legend Teddy Riley and ex-girlfriend to Soulja Boy, alleged in an interview that she was pregnant with the rapper's child and suffered a miscarriage after he reportedly kicked her in the stomach. She claimed he held a gun to her head in front of all of his friends but they decided not to do anything about it and just sat with him. 

While the lawsuit only states that Jane Doe is seeking her day in court, Nia has been receiving messages from the rapper's fans throughout the day (May 12). "Not the first, won’t be the last," she tweeted. She reposted a message from Maya Moody, the woman who has stated that Talib Kweli has been harassing her since July of last year. Moody wrote that for "300+ days" she hasn't had peace, and Nia retweeted the message with a note.

"Yea. how I felt and y’all still keep doing this sh*t after I gave even more facts and details," added Riley. She then shared a screenshot of a DM from one of Soulja Boy's fans saying she "deserved what happened." In the end, she claimed that her "character speaks for itself." You can check out the posts below and click here to view Soulja Boy's response to the accusations.