Over a decade ago, Soulja Boy came through with one of the most viral songs ever. He ended up being one of the first rappers to make it big off the internet. When he brags about that, he's being truthful. If we're being honest, many of the points he's been trying to make are also pretty legit. However, his Breakfast Club interview raised too many eyebrows this morning. Did Soulja Boy influence Drake? Maybe but he sure as hell didn't "make" him like he claimed. Is Soulja Boy more innovative than Kanye West? Again, maybe but Ye is not somebody that should be discredited at all. Each person that Young Draco has mentioned in an attempt to clown them has worked extremely hard to get to the level they're at. Does Soulja deserve more attention? Probably but this likely isn't the right way to go about it.

Maury Phillips/Getty Images

The young man has recaptured everybody's attention by either trolling us successfully or sincerely losing his cool several days in a row. First, he went on a tirade against Tyga because, in his eyes, Soulja had the biggest comeback of 2018. Then, he said Kanye West was nowhere near Walt Disney level. Finally, he took credit for Drake's entire career. Big Soulja has said some wild things in the last few days and obviously, social media has been having some fun with this.

Tory Lanez, Lil Yachty and a few others have taken to Instagram to show off their own impressions of Soulja Boy but a few people on Twitter have had even funnier reactions. Check them out below.